AssaultCube Version 1.1

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AssaultCube Version 1.1

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:17 am

For a long long time, I saw the assaultcuber's community to discuss about the upcoming new version. I then realized that something big is coming. And the new version finally came out on 8 August, 2010.

New things about this game:

This game features some awesome graphics.

Scoring System:

Most surprisingly, the scoring system now has changed. You get extra points for doing team work and recovering flags. Also, you can get scores for combo kills Very Happy

/hudextras 2
to get more detailed score in game.

Also, now you get only 1 point for gibbing using a grenade.
Again, you can now gib using a shotgun. This happens when you shoot at a very close range and each part of the spreaded bullet hits the enemy. As usual, you can gib using sniper and knife.

New gun!
There is a new gun available too. I want you guys to check it out yourself Wink

New Armour and grenade pickups:
Now You can pick two types of Armour. One is a body vest(50), the other is a helmet(25). Again, when you pickup grenades, you only pick one instead of two.


There are many more things you can see in the game, but I will leave that upto you Smile

Welcome to the new era of AssaultCube 1.1 Very Happy \\rock on! \\rock on! \\rock on! \\rock on! \\rock on!

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