LightWeight Audio Manager (very low memory usage)

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LightWeight Audio Manager (very low memory usage)

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:29 pm

I have been searching for light weight audio manager with library support for quite some time.

The qualities I looked for was:
-Low Virtual Memory consumption
-Low RAM consumption
-Library and query (search )support
-Tag and equalizer
-Appending to shell context menu
-Play list support
-Minimize to tray capability(with options enabled)
-Drag and drop files from explorer

Now, when matching all these qualities, I have came across 2 mentionable softwares.

one is musikCube

and the other is aimp2

Now, the two things I have noticed is that
-musikCube always eats less memory than aimp2(both have mem usage less than 4K according to task Manager)
-with change of song, the virtual mem usage of misukCube continuously increase significantly. After changing 64 songs Sad, it sky rocketed to 64K! but for aimp2, it was stuck to around 21K. Very Happy

and yeah, aimp2 looks WAY MORE BETTER than musikCube. SO, it is actually upto you which one to use.
musikCube has low mem usage, aimp2 has better interface, way more better facilities, and stable VM usage.

I will go for Aimp2. rock on!

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