Peazip Compessor / DeCompressor

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Peazip Compessor / DeCompressor

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:33 pm

Peazip is one of the elite softwares in my opinion when the subject comes to Compressing and Extracting.
There is universal Extractor, and there is IzArc(which supports upto 46 archive types).
What Makes PeaZip superior?

1. It has a very nice GUI.
2. It has some of the latest extracting algorithms in store.
3. It integrates with the context menu well, giving you many options for archiving and extracting.
4. It gives you many compression algorithms for archiving. For example, you can use LZMA, LZMA2, PPMD, BZIP2, and Even PAQ!!
5. It gives you many formats, like 7z, arc, BZIP2, Gzip, Tar, UPX.. and so on Smile

What makes pea zip even better can be explained by a practical example.
universal Extractor says it can extract anything and everything, and so does IzArc.

But that is not true. Universal extractor takes the file extension and tries to extract by its default settings.
the same goes for IzArc.
At present, LZMA2 is a better compression algorithm for me when I use 7Zip format. but the default algorithm is LZMA or PPMD for 7zip. So when I tried to extract an archive in LZMA2 method in 7zip format, uniextract and IZARC simply failed.
but peazip was able to auto detect it and then extracted it in the proper method Smile

Download it from here

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