Pendrive Worm Protection Software

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Pendrive Worm Protection Software

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:48 pm

Pendrive Worm protection is a USB specialized worm protection software that automatically scans for worms in your pendrive.
For those who do not know what is worm, worm is a malware that works like a living being. that is, it can spread and infect files on its own, and it can also propagate through Networks.

According to the creator,
USB Worm Protection is an open-source software which scans USB mass storage devices as well as local hard disk drives for worms.

The software has the following major functionalities:
Scanning a USB mass storage device whenever it is plugged in.
Scanning multiple devices simultaneously.
Displaying detected and suspected worm files and prompting the user for action.

Please note that this software can only prevent worms from affecting the system. If the system is already affected by worms, it will not be of any use.

Another interesting fact is that, it is created by a CSEDU student named Sharafat Very Happy and it is freeware Very Happy

You can get it from here

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