Kido aka Conficker Killer KK.exe by KasperSky Labs

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Kido aka Conficker Killer KK.exe by KasperSky Labs

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:19 pm

Most of the pcs at our IIT lab are infected by Kido Virus. What's worse is that even if your pc are not infected, it can get infected as KIDO can spread through lans.
And how to check the symptom of Kido in your pc?
If you insert pendrive in your pc and you get autorun.inf file and RECYCLER folder in it, probably you have kido.
Now, you should head over to this link to know details about it.
However, here is the easy way.
Simply download Kido Killer and the unzip it.
Double click on KK.exe to execute.
Also, there are some command line arguments advanced users can use to make KK even better.

-p <scan path>   
Scan a defined folder.

Scan hard disks.

Scan network disks.

Scan flash drives, scan removable hard disks connected via USB and Fire Wire.

End program without pressing any key.

Silent mode (without a black window)

-l <file name>    
Write info into a log.

Extended log maintenance (the switch -v works only if the -l switch is entered in the command prompt).

Restore the following services:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS),
Windows Automatic Update Service (wuauserv),
Error Reporting Service (ERSvc/WerSvc),
Windows Defender (WinDefend),
Windows Security Center Service (wscsvc).

Restore display of hidden system files.

Disable auto start from all drives.

Monitoring mode to protect the system from getting infected.

Registry clean up from the services that remain after removing the network worm using our products.


Restore the registry branch SafeBoot (if the registry branch is deleted, computer cannot boot in Safe Mode).

Show additional information about the utility.

Which I copied from their website.

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