how to avoid all mails retrieval in Nokia Gmail IMAP

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how to avoid all mails retrieval in Nokia Gmail IMAP

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:32 am

well, I just formatted my phone today, and I set up Gmail.
Now it offers two options.
Auto update(which means you can't close the messages menu, you can just minimize it)
and Auto Retrieval (works perfect, you can define how often it will check, which days will it check and so on)
now, auto retrieval by default downloads all the mails for you.
Yes, you read it right, ALL the mails.
that means when i connected first time today using auto retrieval, it started downloading the headers from the 7728th mail :S

Well, I simply disconnected it that time. then i tried to connect again.same result.
What did i do then?
I simply set the automatic update mode on, then set the amount of retrievals to 10, and then connected it.
The phone got the latest 10 mails.
now what?
I simply switched back to Automatic retrieval then.Because automatic retrieval will check from the beginning, will see that I have the latest 10 mails, and it will simply think that "great! I have the latest mails. Then no need to get back the other old mails".

Hope that was helpful Wink

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