Notice about BIT01 Presentation : Final Instructions

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Notice about BIT01 Presentation : Final Instructions

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:58 am

Hello everyone.
Here is the exert of what Sakib Sir Mailed-

1. You will be judged individually, that does not necessarily mean that you have to appear individually. Make sure that you have sufficient materials to tell to your audiences.

2. What Alim mailed, is a guideline and as he mentioned, you can come out with your own ideas, but make sure that it is convincing. If you are not sure/adventurous strict to the basics.

3. You have a time frame for the Mid-term and we have to finish it by 5 P.M. Considering the Lunch time, you will have 7 hours. So may I request you to group yourselves companywise but maximum 3/4 person (and minimum 2 person) in each group. For example, GPIT can make a group of 2, Southtech can form the group by 3+3+2. More or less we are predicting to allocate (+ -) 30 minutes for each group.

AGAIN, make it sure that you have sufficient material to be judged. THIS IS AN 18 CREDIT COURSE.

Best of luck.

A chain call has started as far as I know. but this time, it is probably going to be company wise. So, if you hear about it, please discuss about it at your company with your fellows. You will certainly need it because the presentation is going to be group wise with minimum 2 members.

Please make sure that everyone knows about this mail by tomorrow.

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