Assignment 1: Linked List

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Assignment 1: Linked List

Post by BIT0130-Shakkhor on Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:21 am

Hello kids,
I figured all of you may not know what the assignment is, for the next week. So it probably makes sense to post the details here.
Here we go...

You'll have to implement a Linked List. The implementation technique is left to the programmers' discretion. That means, you're allowed to implement it using either array or dynamically allocated memory. The Linked List should have the following features:

  • Traverse/Search: You'll have to be able to traverse the whole linked list from the start, and search for a specific value.

  • Insert: You'll have to be able to insert a new node anywhere (first, middle, last). Input will state that you'll have to insert the node after n-th node. [Tips: User a combination of traverse and search to locate the appropriate node]

  • Delete: You'll have to be able to delete any node from anywhere.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]'s a link Amit provided that contains some helpful materials.

For any help and/or clarifications, you may contact us (amit, rayhan or me) via phone or email, or simply leave a reply here. Alternatively, you may contact Tahmid (BIT0332), Nadia (BIT0327) or Shanto (BIT0321). They have already completed the assignment correctly and they're requested to give you support.

Please remember, YOU WILL HAVE TO BRING WHATEVER YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR in the next class. No excuses. Please notify the others who weren't present today. For some reason if you are unable to attend the next class, you'll have to let me know BEFORE the class.

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