Dos and Donts in a fresher interview

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Dos and Donts in a fresher interview

Post by InterviewMantra on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:29 am

Here are few lessons that can be learned from my previous post on Fresh Graduate's First Interview Experience.

DOs:Ask sensible questions related to the job at the end of the interview. Do not ask questions such as "What would be my salary?", "Would I get a leave on the New year day?".
If you are being asked questions in a subject that you do not know, admit honestly. Try to tell about your strengths so that interviewer asks you questions in your scope of knowledge.

DONTs:Do not give negative answers. Always be positive and confident in your reply, no matter how badly the interviewer criticizes you. Sometimes the interviewer deliberately criticizes you to test your attitude.
If you are a fresh graduate, it is better not to mention about your higher education plans abroad. When companies spend lots of money to train their resources, they expect returns in a long run. Some companies have tie-ups with Universities, only in such cases, it makes sense to discuss about your higher education.

Did I miss any? Please refer to my previous post on interview experience and add relevant dos and donts as a comment below.

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