What is a good software anyway?

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What is a good software anyway?

Post by BIT0112-Rokon on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:18 pm

Good question, isn’t it? This is gonna be a silliest question
if I ask you and if you cant define. I think good software are those
produce best returns to the software vendor. what do you think? Razz Razz Razz Razz

I’ve read the ISO software quality model. They identifies 6 quality
model and I'm not going to rewrite those shits again here. Here what I'm
going to say, the answer depends on different perspective.

Sometime we are very much customer oriented. We believe we need to
make customers satisfied. And here point is, good software are those,
which don’t break customer requirements.

And if you are object oriented nuts, then, you will like this words,
good software should strictly follow object oriented pattern. The codes
should be reusable and there must not be any duplicate codes the design
should be flexible.

And If you are great software designer, you must prefer these words,
good software should follow the design pattern, objects must be loosely
coupled. You may be very much familiar with these words, Cohesion,
Inversion of control, Dependency Injection, open for extension bla bla.

And one main issue I forget to point out.
A good software should run fast enough, and have very short response time. Software should be very much secured especially for sensitive data.

Thats all about I know about a good software.


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Re: What is a good software anyway?

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:15 pm

Razz It was interesting to read about your opinion about good software Rokon.

Although it is kinda funny to see three paragraphs starting with an "And".

And Yeah, you defined good software from Object Oriented Approach.

I remember something from our Design pattern class though.

It went something like this:
"Now a days, developers think they must follow design pattern. If they follow it, they are good programmer. Otherwise, they are not. But the use of design pattern should depend on situation, and it is not obligatory."

Oops.. what is my opinion of a good software?
It actually can be defined from so many perspectives!
Like customer, or developer, or owner, or end user, or......

But to a software developer, maybe a good software is something manageable, easy to handle, which satisfies customer, and returns lots of money/satisfaction Neutral

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