Fix cURL error in Urban terror when downloading maps

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Fix cURL error in Urban terror when downloading maps

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:07 am

Some of you know that I have downloaded around 1GB of new urban terror maps!! And all of them are really really exciting. If you do not have the new map, it can download the maps from the server Smile
But that does not work for ubuntu. It shows some cUrl related errors saying it can not download map from server.

Well, the problem is, urban terror does not know where to find cUrl, although your ubuntu already installed it by default!!
So, if we show it how to find cUrl in urban terror, it will be able to download the new maps instantly!!

First of all, lets find cUrl.

type in terminal:

locate libcurl

See? find the entry of
if it is not, it should be or or something like that.

So, lets go inside urban terror folder, go inside q3t4 folder, and find the autoexec.cfg file. open it using your favorite text editor and insert this line:

set cl_curllib /usr/lib/

You need to change the version according to the version you have Smile

You are done Smile

Have fun!

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