Borland c++ 5.5 compiler(Standard C++ edition)

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Borland c++ 5.5 compiler(Standard C++ edition)

Post by BIT0122-Amit on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:43 am

First thing is first, you have to download the Borland c++ 5.5 compiler.
Once you download it, install it in
(it is a MUST)

Configuring the tools:

Right click on my computer, go to advanced, and then go to system environments.

Click on path, select it, and click on edit.

Add a semicolon to the end of the existing path, and follow the semicolon with the path to the C:\BCC55\bin directory.

Configuring StartBC.bat, bcc32.cfg and ilink32.cfg

downloadthis file.
Put the startBC.bat in c:\bcc55 directory
Put the bcc32.cfg in c:\bcc55\bin directory
Put the link32.cfg.txt in c:\bcc55\bin directory

Creating a shortcut:
Create a shortcut in desktop. Type the name cmd in the address like this:

rename the shortcut to bcc55.exe, right click on it and go to properties.

in the target write
%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /k C:\BCC55\StartBC.bat

Installation Checking:

double click on the shortcut, if you have done everything correctly till now, the first message will contain the path c:\bcc55\bin

Checking the paths:
type bcc32 and press enter.
something like this will show up:

creating a source file:
in the cmd, type notepad bcc1.cpp

Write everything exactly like the picture. do not change the directory. Save it and then close it.

Once you are done saving, in the cmd window, type
bcc32 bcc1.cpp

Running the compiler program:
Simply type the program name with out the cpp extension, and hit enter Smile you will see the running version of program.

for further info, go to the Source of this tutorial

And to find about how to get an IDE which can use borland 5.5, go here

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